22 November 2014

Missing Them Already

We spent a busy week visiting with my parents, who drove out to help us fix our porch.
It's very hard for the kids to say goodbye after a week of cooking, crafting, soccer games, UNO by the wood stove and lots of snuggle time with their "meme" and "bapa".  
But we are so grateful for their visits!

13 November 2014

cuppow cozies

I've been absent from the blog because we've been busy putting up the last of our harvest, preparing for a visit from my parents and working on items for our annual holiday farmers' market (the two days after Thanksgiving).  
This year, I'm making more "small" items for the farmers' market...gifts for $20 or less.
I won a cuppow from a blog giveaway and love it!  I love it so much that I ordered some to sell at the craft fair with sewn and knitted cozies.  These are some of the sewn cozies that I'm bringing to the market.  I also listed them on our etsy page

Joining Nicole this week.

05 November 2014

eczema salve

excuse the awful photo...it's so dark so early now!

Two of my boys have dry skin and eczema in the winter months.  
I usually make a salve with herb infused olive oil and neem oil.
While looking up different salves, I came across this one and decided to give it a try (I ended up increasing the beeswax amount to a 1/4 cup grated beeswax).
I usually use essential oils in small amounts to hide the smell of neem, not as medicine themselves. 
But this salve seems to be working great already!  So, today I cleaned out some babyfood jars that someone gave us and painted the lids, and fill them with this salve for family and friends.

Joining Nicole with some medicinal crafting.

03 November 2014


After many years of living in this area (13 this fall), I finally hiked Haystack Mountain.  I have heard how beautiful the views are, I had seen amazing photos from the top, but because we always seem to have 2 kids that need to be carried, it has been hard to make the hike (it's just 4 miles round trip but the steep hike up makes it hard for little legs).  We went with many friends this weekend, so Adam carried Micah and I carried Fenna and we had others to help with lunch and water.  
It was a beautiful hike!  

21 October 2014

rose aux joues

Adam recently asked me to knit Fenna a bonnet and scarf combo.  I searched around ravelry a bit and ended up buying this pattern.  The star stitch is my favorite, so I couldn't resist this bonnet. 
It knit up quite quickly (...I did a skinnier scarf so she wouldn't mind it tied under her chin).
She happened to be wearing her 'In Threes', which still fits well.  It's the wooly time of year again!

Joining Nicole this week.

20 October 2014

diggin' potatoes

Yes, she is sucking on a yummy earth sucker--
sometimes we must resort to such things to get the job done (keeping' it real-ha!)
We are fortunate to have many farmy friends.  One of our dear friends not only owns some great old farm equipment that we use (a tractor and corn binder), but also is very, very handy.
He recently got back a potato digger that he used 40 years ago (and then lent to another farmer for many years) and got it working again.
We used it to dig our biggest potato crop yet--more than 650 pounds.  We already had harvested another 400 during the market season, but the potato digger made digging up the rest a rather quick job!
We battle potato beetles every year and sometimes it means we end up with small potatoes, but they look nice and big this year even with the bug damage to our plants.