05 December 2014

the porch

While my parents were visiting in November, they were kind enough to help us fix up our porch.  The floor of the porch needed to be replaced and we also replaced the posts with more supportive ones (as we found out the ones there were hollow and only one went all the way to the ground!)

Adam and my dad did most of it in a day.  It is such a relief to have a new posts and the new flooring is wonderful.  I'm already looking forward to summer evenings on the porch enjoying homemade ice cream... a favorite way for us to spend our evenings in the summer.

I couldn't resist including photos of Fenna on a pogo stick, hardly bouncing but full of joy.
And her wearing a dress my mom made for me 33 years ago.  :)

Have a great weekend!

03 December 2014

Link Love

I've had a section (over to the right) for a while now for friends of mine with online shops.  I'd love to extend the invitation to other friends and readers... if you have an online shop or website that you'd like me to include in our "friends" section, please just leave a comment below with your email or email me at oldgatesfarm at gmail.  

If you also have a similar section on your blog, grab our button here and share the love!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

02 December 2014

this weekend

handmade by the boys--candles and ornaments

my friend's yarns

little peg people -- made by a friend 

and her batiks

teething necklaces and mason jar necklaces


soaps, cuppow cozies, glass and garlands

Once a year, I do a two day craft fair/farmers' market with friends of mine.  
We all look forward to it each year and love to come up with different ideas of items to sell.
It's always the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and it's great to see all of the people who choose to support small businesses, artists and crafters rather than the typical "black friday" sales.
A great weekend (as usual)!  :)

27 November 2014

giving thanks

Sadly, the weather kept us in Vermont...away from Adam's family gathering in Connecticut.
But we all spent the day enjoying the snow, snuggling by the wood stove and cooking a mostly homegrown meal.

Wishing everyone the peace of gratitude today.

22 November 2014

Missing Them Already

We spent a busy week visiting with my parents, who drove out to help us fix our porch.
It's very hard for the kids to say goodbye after a week of cooking, crafting, soccer games, UNO by the wood stove and lots of snuggle time with their "meme" and "bapa".  
But we are so grateful for their visits!