05 February 2016


February is always a restless month for me.   Maybe it's this warm weather we've been having, or the anticipation of sugaring, or the restless kids who are more and more reluctant to homeschool.  

Last week, we paused our afternoon routine to join Adam outside.  A neighbor wanted some trees taken down, so Adam and a friend cut them down and began stacking them logs for next year.  We lit a fire (and then Micah worked on making his own) and sipped tea and piled brush.  

This week, the warmth and the rains meant flooding all over the farm.  The kids got out their winter tubes and floating around.  It was a very wet, very fun afternoon.  We hoped a freeze-up would make a good ice rink, but it seems to be draining before a good freeze comes.

I am even out of the rhythm in the kitchen.  (Pictured are some biscuits that F helped me with--flat but tasty).  What foods have you been making lately?  I need some inspiration!  

We bought many of our syrup bottles, which wait stacked in our mudroom.  
And the seed order at work (the co-op where I work) came in this week...that's a sign of spring-right?

03 February 2016

for nana

I finished my Nana's "happy birthday throw" this past weekend.  Getting a good photo of bright pink is similar to getting a good photo of red.  Each picture looks like a slightly different color... but the blanket is bright pink with purples and smaller flecks of a rainbow of colors.  Perfect for her new room in the Alzheimers care home.  (My mum described her room as very plain right now--so the kids have been busy coloring pictures for the walls).

I've been imagining knitting her a big hug the whole time I've been knitting.  I hope she can feel it when she wraps up in it. 

Joining Nicole this week.

27 January 2016

what i've been crafting...

scrappy hot pads
scrappy bib/burpcloth 
chamomile ginger soap

Joining Nicole this week...

22 January 2016

these days

Cold and bright...
the cows have been spending these sunny days outside,
the chickens still prefer the warmth of the high tunnel, where we've been wintering them this year
and my favorite spot is knitting next to the woodstove

21 January 2016


Our little farmgirl is three today!  
We can't imagine life without her joy and spunk!  We are so thankful for her.
She is my little sidekick--Oh, how I love toddlers!  Her gift from my mum was little kitchen tools because she is always working with me in the kitchen.  (Can you tell how much she loved them?) :)
Happy birthday, foof!

19 January 2016

what we've been working on

We've been busy creating and crafting here.  And if you follow our instagram, you've probably seen all of these projects.  (@oldgatesfarm)

I am trying out some small organic cotton washcloths on my loom.  Hopefully they wash up well--and don't shrink too much--or I'll have a lot of tiny washcloths. 

We read a book about Harriet Powers, a quilter, and M wanted to make a story quilt about wolves.  It was his first time using the sewing machine (with a little help from mama).  

The mermouse and book from Slate Falls Press is for little Farmgirl's birthday.  It came as a kit add-on to the book.  It was quick and fun to make.

The boys converted an old garden cart into a wagon for their cub cadet.  I'm sure it will be very useful this spring and summer.

What are you busy working on?

13 January 2016


My sister ventured here from Chicago with her two little ones.  We've had a fun time together, pretty much just cooking and caring for a pile of kids, but it is always more fun to do the 'regular' stuff together. ;)

We had a little birthday party for the girls, as both of their birthdays come later this month.  Our mum even joined in via facetime.   M designed a birthday crown for little T (my niece) who is turning 1.  The boys all decorated with Auntie Em's help.  It was a special night.  (The photos from most of the past week are poor quality as someone had switched a camera setting).