13 September 2014


Adam and I celebrated our anniversary today.  Adam had his first day off milking since last October and so we took the kids camping, which we hadn't done in years.  We camped in our woods on our wedding night, and then camped are way across the U.S. on our honeymoon...so this was a fitting way to spend our anniversary.  
Then we took the kids to the Tunbridge Fair for the first time.  We all enjoyed the wonderful "museum" area there where people in costume acted out village life 150 years ago.  A great way to spend our anniversary.  

05 September 2014

and onions are in!

Our copra storage onions did really well this year!
The whole family helped with the harvest and we'll have more than enough for the winter and to sell to our local co-op.  
The cover crop is already coming up and only the leeks are left in that section of the field.  
Starting to look like a fall garden.

04 September 2014

the hay is in!

The hay is in for the year.  
Once again, we hayed two different fields within a few miles of our farm and made both a first and second cut.  Adam also hayed a different field with a friend while we were in Michigan.
Thankful for many friends who help mow, drive the truck, throw hay and fix broken parts!
A full hay barn = a content farmer.  ;)

03 September 2014

around the farm

spicy dills
her favorite thing
shorter days
high tunnel
the pigs and bright
ready for market

What's going on around your farm, garden or homestead?  
Leave a link in the comments, I'd love to see!

02 September 2014

little stripes

This was on my needles months ago, but only finished last night!  Luckily the timing worked out well to give it to my friend (and her new baby) today with some dinner and produce.  
I was hoping to make some little bee or honeycomb fabric buttons, but I didn't have the right fabric for such small buttons.  So, owls it was.

Maybe this will get me knitting again!

28 August 2014

something special

Peter Huntoon, a local artist, recently came and spent a morning painting at our farm as part of his "A Day in Vermont" series..
He happened to pick my favorite view...
the zinnias, the sunflowers, the chard and dill,
our first tractor,
the barn,
and the woodshed in the background.
It is so beautiful.  We love how he captured our farm.
Stop by and visit his page --Scroll down to watch the video of him painting at our farm!

27 August 2014

some views from our trip

We spent some time in Chicago with my sister's family and some time in Michigan with the rest of my family.  We are missing Lake Michigan (and family!) a lot right now!