15 October 2014

apple picking

We don't always get a chance to make it up to our favorite orchard to pick apples, but this fall we've made it up (all 6 of us) twice!  
The drive is beautiful and the view while picking is amazing (Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains).
Someday we hope to get enough apples from our trees that we don't need to go and pick... but we do enjoy our trips to Shoreham.

13 October 2014

each year







2013 (Micah fell asleep on the way & cousin Hendie was visiting)


Family photo from our friend's phone

Each fall, I take photos of the kids at one of our favorite local spots.  Hubbardton Battlefield has gorgeous views of the Taconic and Adirondack Mountains.  This year, we were racing the sunset and the light wasn't ideal.  But the colors of the mountains were beautiful and we made it just in time to see the sun drop below the Adirondacks.

10 October 2014

to the garden

It's just a short walk to our garden, but this time of year every step of the way is beautiful to me. 
I love the pumpkins, the fall colors, the grey skies, the green cover crops.  
So many times, as I step out to pick some arugula, a couple beets or some kale for our meal, I wish I had my camera in hand.  
I love fall.

09 October 2014

beautiful rainbow

I grabbed my camera last night to capture the beautiful early evening light on our cover crops.
Stepping outside, I turned to see an amazing rainbow, that then became two rainbows.  The photos don't even capture the intensity of the color--it was amazing.

07 October 2014

mason jar pin cushions

I've been working on some mason jar pin cushions for our holiday farmers' market in November.  
I had made one for a friend last winter and she loved it.  Filled with old wooden spools or an assortment of buttons (or even a little sewing kit, if I can gather enough supplies for that), I think they will be great little gifts for that holiday market.

Joining Nicole this week...

06 October 2014

by hand

Adam decided to make our own corn silage this year from one acre of our sweet corn. 
We borrowed a chopper from a friend and used machetes to cut the corn, two rows at a time, and manually put it through the chopper.  It was, as many things are on our farm, a family effort. 
We laugh at how much work it was to make a little pile of silage, but it is 10 tons of feed that we have for winter from a crop that also provided a lot of sweet corn for markets and the farm stand.

03 October 2014


Micah decides to teach Fenna how to paint a pumpkin.

Both of the older boys are at the local public school in the mornings this year.  In Vermont, homeschooled kids are able to do a certain amount of subjects at school and this year both boys are doing one subject and specials like art, music and band at our local school.  Balancing the farm and home and school and mothering has been hard for me.  Although they both have done specials at school before, we have never done something like this--where both boys are away at the same time, every day.  I'm enjoying these mornings when I can let the little ones lead the way (and put all of the other stuff to the side for a bit).