20 January 2014

Fenna's gifts

My baby is turning 1 tomorrow (*sniff*sniff*)

I finally finished her Maggie Rabbit and her sweater (pattern by Tonya).
We also got her a beautiful toy from Tonya's family's shop and a little basket from the co-op where I work.  Her brothers worked on a very special sign for her. 
I am actually quite sad about her turning 1--I just love having a baby in the house and it's a little bittersweet for me.  It feels like the year has gone so fast. 
Going to spend this day focusing on how blessed I am to mother my 4 kiddos



  1. Happy birthday to your sweet Fenna. And happy birthing day to you mama. Hope you all have the most wonderful day celebrating and that Fenna's next trip around the sun is filled with much love and joy.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Fenna Mae and birthing day to you Kris! Such a sweet basket.

  3. You did such a wonderful job on the bunny. It's charming. I love the colour combination for the clothes! You don't mention it, but I see the art supply caddy in the picture with your boys...it's quite nice too. I think something like that would be ideal for all my pottery tools.

    1. Thank you!
      The art caddy was made by a friend of ours. It works really well. :)

  4. Happy happy birthday to Fenna and mama!
    I will join you in the slight mourning of littlest baby days being left behind.
    I mean, nevermind, don't worry, our little girls are still babies!!

    You asked how old Elsa is… she just turned 1 also (at the beginning of december.)

    Sweet rabbit, I'm sure she will be cuddled up and loved lots!

    And I must tell you… I LOVE!!! Fenna's name!
    (One of our daughters kind of almost had Mae as a middle name…)

    Renee :)

  5. Happy Birthday Sweet Fenna...we love you so and now you have Maggie to love!


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