04 February 2014

in threes

Took a break from Adam's cardigan (yes, the one I started a year ago and have yet to finish) to knit up a quick little sweater for Fenna.  I love Noro colorways, but I was just gifted some Plymouth Gina and it's got the beautiful striping similar to Noro. 

Joining Nicole this week.


  1. The colors are wonderful but oh my goodness, look at her in it?! What a cutie! You must spend hours a day kissing her <3 <3

  2. I love this pattern and really want to knit one for my daughter love the stripes of the yarn you have used it is gorgeous.

  3. Oh that colourway is gorgeous! Hope you are well.

  4. Just beautiful! I was just given a tiny 'in threes' at my baby shower a couple of weeks ago. I had not seen the pattern until then. Such a cute one! I also really like your buttons.


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