25 July 2014


We have about 10 blueberry bushes that were already here when we first moved onto our farm.
In the first week of July, we harvested a random blueberry every other day or so.  Then we picked a quart about 10 days ago.  Since then, we've picked 24 more.  Today, while I was at work, a very kind friend picked 8 quarts for our freezer (OUR freezer!)
People often ask us why we don't sell them...berries sell so well at our markets.
But it's worth so much more to us to enjoy them during the summer months and freeze or can them for the winter months.  Like most things on our farm, the food that we enjoy or store away is worth much more to us than the money we could make selling it.


  1. What a wonderful friend. I agree with you, I would be canning or freezing those little bits of summer :)

    1. it's so rewarding to enjoy the summer harvest in the middle of winter. ;)

  2. love you guys! Tell Adam when I was at Ken's retirement open house..Scott said he could listen to Adam talk about farming all day! love you all!


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